Insurance Reinstatement Valuations for Buildings

This service is offered for customers needing to calculate the "Sum Insured" figure for their residential, commercial, industrial and / or unit title holdings. 

Aardvark Quantity Surveying can provide a written rebuild estimate advising you on how much you should insure your property in the event that it may damaged by earthquake, fire, flooding or some other insurable peril.

When calculating the "Sum Insured" figure we allow for all of the costs that would be incurred to reinstate you house house and property to the way you would expect it to be. 

This will include fences, driveways, decks, garages, retaining walls etc. - Many of these costs will not be allowed for in the default option figure offered by your insurance company.

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Rebuild Valuations are about how much it would cost to "rebuild a building" NOT its "sale value". - Therefore a qualified Quantity Surveyor is the right person from whom to obtain "building cost advice".  Quantity Surveyors are the experts in assessing construction costs!

Using Aardvark Quantity Surveying your Insurance Reinstatement Valuation will be calculated by a Qualified Quantity Surveyor with many years of residential building experience. - We also carry full Professional Indemnity cover as required by our NZIQS affiliation. 

Our most basic service / fee option is $350.00 +GST for a residential dwelling. - All fees can be set and agreed up front and we will discuss your options with you prior to commencing work on your behalf. (Please note that our $350.00 option covers relatively simple homes. Clearly our service fee will reflect the size and complexity of the home and service type required). 

We are Auckland based and regularly provide assessment services throughout the upper North Island. - We are happy to engage anywhere within New Zealand, however extra time needs to be allowed to service more remote locations.


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